coflex® - Resetting Expectations

The coflex® device is a new, non-fusion treatment option that addresses a large population of spinal stenosis patients that may currently be undertreated or overtreated for their condition! The coflex® device is a SMART TECHNOLOGY specifically designed to stabilize the spine without limiting motion after a decompression surgery. The coflex® device maintains the normal height between the vertebral bones so nerves can exit the foramen freely and extend to lower extremities.
Also, the coflex® device off-loads the facets, maintains foraminal height, allows for motion and natural movement to be kept in the spine at the operated area, as well as in the neighboring parts of the spine. It is strong yet simple, and flexible enough to support the spine without having to fuse the bones together.

The coflex® device is a SMART TECHNOLOGY:

Spine surgeon experience using coflex®

“With coflex®, the primary purpose of the operation is to decompress the nerve, which we’re accomplishing. With the coflex® being put in after that, we’re getting added benefit; it’s an adjunct to our simple decompression.”
—Michael Musacchio, Jr, MD, FAANS
“I’ve started using coflex® more and more because I don’t want to have to deal with restenosis at some later time—2 to 5 years.” 
—John Peloza, MD
“You do not have to make a big incision, so that already makes it easier for the patient to recuperate.”
—Maurice Collada, Jr., MD
“The use of coflex® has made a large, extensive operation into a shorter operation for the patient, and I have much better outcomes and more pain relief.”
—Zachary Levine, MD, FAANS

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