coflex® is a SMART Technology

  • Rehabilitates Motion Segment 
  • Intelligent Engineering Design
  • True Motion Preserving Device

The mechanism of action of the coflex® device within the patient anatomy addresses patients with advanced degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) appropriately, and effectively for improved clinical outcomes.

Designed to Rehabilitate the Motion Segment Post Direct Surgical Decompression

The engineering details of the coflex® device were specifically designed to optimize patient outcomes in the surgical treatment of advanced degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis.

Intelligent Engineering Design 

The coflex® device is a SMART TECHNOLOGY that provides a new surgical solution for spinal stenosis that maintains sagittal balance, neutral stabilization, and natural kinematics. Furthermore, it is Specific to patient anatomy, Maintains foraminal height, Addresses back and leg pain, Rehabilitates the motion segment, and is Tested: FDA PMA approved.

True Motion Preserving Device

The coflex® device is a SMART TECHNOLOGY that is non-fusion and can support forces up to 220 N without experiencing permanent implant deformity.*

This video animation briefly conveys the dynamic characteristics of the coflex® implant in terms of strength, force, and deflection. An evaluation of the in-vivo mechanical testing and finite element analysis performed on the coflex® device demonstrates that the implant can withstand and bear force and dynamic loading conditions.

* The Spine Journal: Determination of the in vivo posterior loading environment of the coflex® interlaminar-interspinous implant. Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 244–251, March 2010.

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